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No, That’s Not a Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Paper co-authored by University of California, Riverside spider expert outlines expressions of skin conditions often misdiagnosed as brown recluse bites

By Sean Nealon on February 15, 2017

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — Many skin conditions are misdiagnosed by doctors as brown recluse spider bites. This can lead to tragedy because about 40 medical conditions, including several deadly bacterial infections, can be confused with brown recluse bites.

Rick Vetter, a retired University of California, Riverside entomologist, along with lead author Dr. W. Van Stoecker and Dr. Jonathan Dyer, both dermatologists in Missouri who specialize in treating brown recluse bites, have co-authored a just-published paper in JAMA Dermatology that describes expressions of skin conditions that are often misdiagnosed as bites from this spider.

“People always tell you what a brown recluse bite looks like, so what I started emphasizing is, ‘This is what a brown recluse bite doesn’t look like,’” Vetter said. “That message really has the potential to save lives.”

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For When You Need the Best Pest Control in Brandon, FL

Are you suffering from unwelcome insects in your house? Infestations are not just unpleasant; they can also threaten your family’s health and cause significant structural damage to your home. In these circumstances, wouldn’t it be great if you could count on a reliable, cost-effective solution to your pest control problem? That is exactly what you get when you call us to come out and remove troublesome pests quickly and permanently.

Organic Pest Control, Safely Administered

Many people worry that pest control involves dangerous chemicals that could threaten local wildlife, family pets or children; however, our organic pest control products have been specifically developed to address these concerns. We are highly skilled at what we do and will do everything possible to get rid of pesky critters without compromising the health and safety of other animals.

Check Out Our Money-Off and Other Pest Control Services Offers

We know that cost matters to our customers, which is why we do our utmost to offer a pest control service that not only gets the job done, but is an economical and affordable choice too. Why not take advantage of our FREE bonus (worth $140), or our FREE, 57-point inspection? Although we are inexpensive, we do not compromise on results – if an infestation of spiders, termites, roaches, ants or rodents reoccurs after treatment, we’ll give you a full refund.

Brandon, FL Pest Control Available Now

If you want to minimize the chances of an infestation or know more about effective pest control in your property, why not check out the selection of tips and tricks on our website? Dedicated to giving every customer the very best service and exceptional results, it is inevitable that a growing number of people in Brandon are turning to us as their pest control provider of choice. To find out more about what we offer or to book our services, contact us today!

The Unwelcome Visitors of Brandon, FL

Brandon, Florida is a beautiful Tampa Bay area community located in Hillsborough County. Not only does Brandon have nearby Walt Disney World and Sea World, which attracts a lot of tourists each year, but homeowners and commercial businesses also have visitors like:

• Ants

• Bed bugs

• Bees and wasps

• Carpenter ants

• Fleas

• Fruit flies

• Rats

• Mosquitoes

• Roaches

• Silverfish

• Spiders

• Termites

• Ticks

If you don’t have regular pest control inspections, these little creatures can make your house, basement, attic and backyard, their home territory. Termites cost the state of Florida around five-hundred million dollars a year in structural damage, which is more than floods, fires, and storms. This is why an inspection by a pest control expert can give you peace of mind and help you to get rid of these pests before costly damage can be done.

Pest Control Plans

The best pest control Brandon has to offer will ensure that you receive pest control solutions which are specifically tailored to your home or business. Licensed exterminators should inspect your dwelling and provide a custom treatment recommendation for all those pesky pests. They should also develop a plan to keep those invasive pests from returning.

Green Pest Control Products

Pest control innovations have introduced effective treatments which are guaranteed to rid your home or office from crawling pests, while also keeping children, pets, and the air environment safe. Environmentally friendly pest control products need to be approved by The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The best pest control specialists use Mother Nature to effectively removing little critters from your property. Many pest control products are being made from biodegradable food ingredients which do not contain artificial fragrances, coloring dyes, or chemical preservatives. Natural and organic pesticides don’t cause any allergic reactions in people or pets, but they are deadly to insects. Do you like cucumbers? They are good for the human body, but ants are repelled by cucumber peels. Modern pest control products contain many of nature’s finest ingredients which are known to send insects scurrying away from your building.

Natural Ingredients in Pest Control

Here is an insight into natural ingredients which we use daily and that pests don’t like:

• Garlic repels mosquitoes, beetles, ticks, cockroaches, fleas, and some mice species.

• Mint, basil, spearmint and peppermint repels flies and roaches.

• Vinegar is a great pesticide.

However, repelling insects with these items alone isn’t a long-term solution as pests can return after the scents have worn off from these natural herbs and fruits. This is why a modern day pest control expert can help you to permanently put an end to them inhabiting your home or business.

A Well-Managed Pest Control Plan

Having a well-executed plan and management program featuring targeted treatments which are designed to prevent or eliminate insect pests from becoming invasive, harmful and damaging, is a successful principle.

For more than 40 years Chet’s Termite and Pest Control has been focusing on termite protection and pest control, both indoors and outdoors. If you want effective pest control delivery by reliable entomologists who prioritize reliability, friendliness, and affordable services, then contact them today for a pest free experience.

Five Most Common Pests That Ruin Homes

The home is a place where most people feel safest. It may be your kingdom and refuge, but that refuge could be under attack. There are many threats to your house, but the most dangerous ones are those you will never notice because they are so small. These are the pests that ruin the wooden parts of houses. Here are five of the most common and dangerous homewreckers to crawl the planet.


  1. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants destroy houses, and they are very common. These ants use their strong mandibles to create holes in wood. They do not eat the wood though; they just live inside and make huge cavities for the queen to start laying eggs. As the colony expands, the ants make the cavity bigger, weakening it and endangering the occupants of the house. Fortunately, you might have access to the best pest control Brandon has to offer, allowing you to eradicate this pest.

  1. Carpenter Bees

Another dangerous pest that threatens the strength and structure of your home is the carpenter bee. Just like carpenter ants, they make holes in the wooden parts of your house and create tunnels where the queen will make her colony. These tunnels do not only weaken the wood, but they also allow moisture to enter and cause it to rot.

  1. Termites

The undisputed champion of destroying homes is termites. These pests actually eat wood, weakening it. Many houses and buildings have to be abandoned every year because of these pests. What makes them most dangerous is that they can wreck your home underground in secret. The wood may look solid on the outside, but inside it could be hollow because the termites have already feasted on it. The homeowner alone cannot resolve termite infestation. Getting in touch with the best pest control Brandon offers is the best way to take control over your home.

  1. Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost beetles are most dangerous to wood in their larval stage, during which they are known as wormwood. These larvae bore through wood to search for food and nutrients, causing small holes in wood that can go quite deep. Once they emerge from the wood and become powderpost beetles, they look for mates so they can lay eggs. The new eggs will become larvae and eat through the wood once again.

  1. Dry-rot Fungi

Although dry-rot fungi are not animals, they are nonetheless destructive. When there is moisture, these microscopic plants can grow and suck the parts of the wood that make it stable, and this ultimately causes the wood to become dry and brittle. Using boric acid on wood can kill the fungus that causes dry rot. Keeping the wood from excessive moisture also helps prevent it.

Preventing pests like these can seem nearly impossible. For more information about preventing dry-rot fungi, termites and other pests, you will most likely require assistance. The best pest control Brandon has to offer is just one phone call away.

How To Keep Your Home Pest Free With Pest Control in Brandon

Everyone wants to be able to relax and enjoy their home without worrying about pests getting in and causing damage or bothering them. This should be something that you can do no matter where you live. Brandon pest control is able to keep pests out of your home and remove them if they have already found their way in without cutting into your budget. It can be very expensive to repair your home if pests get in and cause damage so it is best to deal with the problem as early as possible.

Pest Control
There are certain measures that you can take in order to keep your home pest free, even in areas where there are many different types of pests. There is a 57 point audit which can be done on your home to find any pest infestations which you may have and to identify and weak spots where pests could potentially get into your home. By dealing with both these situations as early as possible it is much less likely that you will need to pay a significant sum of money in repairs for damage caused by pests.

Pest control in Brandon no longer needs to be the big hassle that it was in the past. Almost all of the pest control treatments which are used today are very non-invasive and safe. There is an organic solution for termites which comes as an alternative to tented fumigation which is just as effective without any of the hassles. You will be able to avoid moving out of your home and shutting everything down like you would have been required to if you needed to have your house fumigated to get rid of a termite infestation.

A Brandon pest control company will be able to handle a pest infestation of any type. Whether you have a problem with termites, ants, rodents, spiders, or almost any other type of pest there is a solution which can be easily implemented in your home. All of the solutions come with the promise of excellent customer service and a price which will have you smiling when all is said and done. Pest control should be about solving your problems not creating new ones, and that is exactly what a pest control company is designed to do for you. provides customers with pest control solutions which will allow them to rest easy knowing that their home is protected from pests.