Ant Prevention In Your Home

One of the drawbacks of living in a beautiful climate all year round, as we do in Tampa, FL, is the presence of a variety of insects. Many of these insects do not cause problems in the home, however with the various species of ants that consider the Florida state their home, this is not the case.

At Chet’s Termite & Pest Management we work with many homeowners and businesses struggling with ant control & extermination. This is most often the case when a previous exterminator fails to identify the correct species of ant present, consequently not providing the correct extermination method and ant prevention measures.

The Most Problematic

Carpenter ants are some of the most challenging ants in a home or office. These are typically the largest ant species in this area and require specific ant control & extermination practices.

Typically these ants are found in wood, but they do not consume it. Instead, they dig a cavern or a cavity in the wood to create space for the colony. Identifying a pile of what looks like sawdust is most often the first sign, and by this point you will need an ant control & extermination professional.

These are ants that like sugar, grease and proteins as a food source, so they are often found in cupboards, kitchens and pantries. Ant prevention for this species includes removing wood from the exterior of the home and eliminating any moisture in the home.

Other Species

Crazy ants are small ants that move about rapidly and erratically, making it difficult to trace them back to their nest. The Pharaoh Ant is also known as the most difficult to control and can reproduce rapidly, often nesting in fabrics or stationary.

To find out more about different types of ants in the Tampa, FL and surrounding areas, and if they are invading your home, call the experts at Chet’s Termite & Pest Management at (813) 935-7554.