The Chet’s Termite & Pest Management Answer To Fleas & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks exist in many homes in Tampa, FL. Surprisingly for some, these are not always homes with pets, because the original source of pest invasion actually came from a previous owner who had pets in the home. In some cases, even in new homes, rodents can bring in fleas, also resulting in pest problems in the home.

The most common fleas we have in the Tampa, FL area is the cat flea. This is actually found on both dogs and cats, and often the key to both flea and tick prevention is to ensure all pets are treated with effective medications on a routine schedule.

The Multiplication Issue

One of the challenges with fleas & tick control is the reproductive capability of the insects. Fleas are constantly laying eggs and shedding them. The young can remain dormant in the pupa stage for up to six months, then hatch in seconds in the right conditions.

Ticks also go through a life cycle, but they tend to be outdoors. Often, they are brought in with pets or on clothing. For treatment of ticks, it may be necessary to treat the exterior areas at the source of the egg masses, thus preventing them from maturing and biting, and also providing extermination of the young ticks before they become a problem.

Removal of fleas and ticks requires specialized chemicals. These need to be applied carefully and using the correct methods to provide a safe treatment. Our team of experienced technicians can provide full treatment, as well as flea and tick extermination, in your home and yard.

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