Help Is On The Way With Our Rodent Control Service

While bugs and insects may be annoying, most people have a much stronger reaction to the presence of mice, rats or other types of rodents in their Tampa, FL home. At Chet’s Termite & Pest Management, we realize sharing your home with unwanted rodents is entirely unpleasant, and therefore work diligently to provide mice & rat extermination services as quickly as possible for you.

The Problems with Rodents

It is important to call our rodent control service immediately if you think you have a rodent problem. Typically, the most common sign of a rodent is mice or rat droppings on either the floor, counter or in food storage areas (such as pantries and cupboards).

Both rats and mice will gnaw, which means they will chew on just about anything. This can include furniture, woodwork and food items stored anywhere they can have access. This in itself poses a problem, as both rats and mice can carry diseases that can be passed to humans.

Mice and rats also have fleas and lice, and they can carry a very large number of parasites and pathogens. These can be transferred to humans by touching the feces or the urine of the animal. Kids, adults and even house pets in the home are at risk for this type of transfer.

For effective and immediate mice & rat extermination, contact Chet’s Termite & Pest Management at (813) 935-7554. We can also help you with rodent control services, removing or changing any aspect of your Tampa, FL home that may be attractive to vermin, or that allow access from the outside to the inside of your home.