What To Expect With Tent Fumigation

Different types of insects and pests can be treated in different ways. The most effective way to treat for drywood termites is to use a process known as tent fumigation.

At Chet’s Termite & Pest Management we are experts at this process. With over 40 years in the pest control business in the Wesley Chapel area, our pest control advisors and technicians can complete a 57-point free inspection and share our results. If we find evidence of drywood termites, fumigation is the best possible way to effectively treat the complete home at one time.

With this method, all existing drywood termites are wiped out with one treatment. In fact, we stand behind our fumigation process and provide a three-phase guarantee that you will not find a live colony of drywood termites in your residence for the life of your home. If you do, we will retreat at absolutely no cost to you, and if you sell the home, the new owner will also be covered.

The Process

Our trained team of termite technicians will provide you with a 10-step customer assurance checklist for your tent fumigation. We will answer questions you may have before we get started so you fully understand the process and procedures we will use.

To prepare, we will complete several tasks. These will include:

  • Measuring the home to determine the correct amount of fumigant needed.
  • Tarping the home completely and sealing all areas of the tarp to prevent leaks.
  • Using sand we truck in to seal around the bottom of the tarp and prevent leaks.
  • Blowing in the fumigant immediately after tenting for maximum exposure.
  • Leaving the tent in place for the required time.
  • Removing the tent at the appropriate time.

With every tent fumigation, we will have a senior supervisor on hand to oversee the tenting process as well as the fumigation. We will also make sure your plants and trees on the exterior of the home are protected and will take extra care to avoid any damage to your landscaping.

There is a difference when you choose Chet’s Termite & Pest Management for your Wesley Chapel fumigation and pest control needs. If you want more information, we would be happy to answer your questions. Just give us a call today at (813) 935-7554.