5 Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free All Year Round

pest control tips

As of 2021, close to 14 million households in the US reported seeing roaches in their homes.

Has your kitchen ever turned into a cockroach camp, or your favorite shirt was eaten by a rodent? Instead of trying to mitigate pests in your home once they’ve entered, why don’t you try to eliminate them once and for all?

If you have been looking for household pest control tips, this is the article for you. Read along to get five tips to keep your home pest-free all year round.

1. Blocking Opening in Your Home

It’s a no-brainer that the only point of entry of pests and rodents in homes are holes and cracks in doors and windows. Thus, the first step to keeping them away from your home is sealing such openings. Do a thorough check of your home to pinpoint holes and openings that pests might use to get in.

Pests such as cockroaches enter the house through drainage openings. Ensure your drainage openings have small holes, and that they are small enough for tiny rodents and pests not to pass through. Also, repair holes on the sides so rodents won’t try to dig their way into the house.

2. Ensure Your Kitchen Is Always Clean

Have you ever wondered why pests go out of their way to enter your home? What attracts them is the food debris that you leave on your kitchen counter and floor. If you keep your kitchen sparkling clean, you’ll notice that cockroaches will reduce in your home.

Don’t leave any kind of food lying around on the kitchen counter, since they may attract pests. Make sure you wipe off tables and counters after eating and collect any food debris that may have fallen on the floor. More so, ensure that you dispose of the uneaten food of your dog or cat.

3. Regular Pest Inspection

Even if you try to keep your house clean and seal all the holes and cracks, you still need regular pest inspections. Contact a company that offers pest control services to schedule inspections at least twice a year. This will help you discover pests that you didn’t know existed in your home, and mitigate the risk of them multiplying.

4. Mow the Yard

Your yard is just a few steps to your home. You thus need to keep it tidy to keep pests away. Garden pest control is only effective when you ensure your yard is well-kept by mowing regularly. Trim bushes and trees around your house, especially those in direct contact with your roof.

When you cut down branches, pile the sticks and leaves far away from your house. That way, you’ll avoid attracting insects near your home.

5. Airtight Lid Trash Can

After a party, the trash can is always more full of trash and food debris than usual. If your trash can doesn’t have an airtight lid, you are preparing an attraction site for pests. Make sure your trash can is airtight and closes automatically to prevent the debris inside from attracting pests.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free by Learning Pest Control Tips

The above pest control tips offer you the best solution to ensure your home is free from pests. If you take the above pest control advice, you’ll less likely ever need to worry about pest infestations.

Contact us today and take a step towards having a pest-free home.