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Tampa ranks #4 for termites in U.S.

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) —It’s spring time and the termites are ready for a feast. And if you live in Tampa, there’s a good chance your home is on the menu.

The city ranks #4 on Terminix’s list of the 15 most termite-infested cities in the U.S., beating out #5 Miami. As expected, the list mainly includes cities from southern climates like Florida and Texas.

1. Mobile, Ala.
2. San Antonio, Texas
3. Memphis, Tenn.
4. Tampa, Fla.
5. Miami, Fla.
6. Los Angeles, Calif.
7. Orlando, Fla.
8. Jacksonville, Fla.
9. Dallas, Texas
10. Baton Rouge, La.
11. Houston, Texas
12. Oklahoma City, Okla.
13. San Diego, Calif.
14. Philadelphia, Pa.
15. Little Rock, Ark.

Pesky termites can cause irreversible destruction, costing homeowners across the U.S. an estimated $5 billion in property damages, according to the pest control company.

To protect your home from termites, the company suggests sealing cracks and holes in your home’s foundation, taking better care of your lawn and having moisture levels at your home under control.


The Best Methods for Termite Control in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL is known to be a beautiful area that has been known to attract many tourists and visitors. However, it also has been known to attract some unwanted visitors called termites. At Chet’s Termite and Pest Management, we have been familiar with this issue and we know the best methods for termite control in Tampa, FL.

Drywood Termite Control in Tampa: Detection

The type of termite that is prevalent in the Tampa area of Florida is the drywood termite.

They are a difficult pest to detect, as they live very deep inside of wood in smaller-sized colonies. Their small colonies of usually less than 1000 termites, take a number of years to mature, and can be dispersed over a wide area.

You can sometimes detect the presence of drywood termites on your own if you either find their fecal pellets lying around, if you are having work done in your home, and/or when they swarm. However, in order to effectively detect the extent of a drywood termite infestation, a professional inspection by a company such as Chet’s Termite and Pest Management is needed.

When our experienced and highly skilled experts at Chet’s Termite and Pest Control perform a thorough professional structural inspection for a drywood termite infestation, we specifically look for things like fecal pellets; shed wings, damage from feeding, and what are called “kickout holes,” which are tiny holes from which termites push out their fecal pellets. Our expertise allows us to differentiate between a drywood termite infestation and of that a wood boring beetle and/or carpenter ant.

Drywood Termite Control in Tampa: Management

At Chet’s Termite and Pest Control, we use what we have determined to be the best and safest, yet most effective products for drywood termite control in Tampa. The pest control products that are needed for the complete and total elimination of a drywood termite infestation are not available over the counter. And honestly, do-it-yourself products are not recommended for termite control in Tampa anyway.

It is highly recommended that unless you plan to remove the wood, you should leave termite control in Tampa to the experts such as the ones we have here at Chet’s Termite and Pest Control Management. For existing drywood termite infestations, fumigating the structure and/or the objects that are infested with the drywood termites.XT2000 Organic Orange Oil Plus can be injected into the galleries that are in the wood.

Here at Chet’s Termite and Pest Management, we have discovered that these are some of the best methods of termite control in Tampa and all of our pest control services are backed with the absolute best guarantee around.

Your Referrals Are the ♥ Of Our Business

termites1It’s that time of year again. It’s almost like clockwork. The weather gets a little warmer, The Gasparilla Parades, The Strawberry Festival…and another yearly event….Termite Swarms. We’ve seen numerous termite swarms and received calls from clients about black bugs with wings flying all over their houses and yards. They wanted to know how they could tell if it was ants or subterranean termites.

So here’s what to look for:

Signs Your Home May Be Termite Infested

As with many unwanted houseguests, there are signs that they will be arriving soon. There’s a phone call that warns you of their visit, or perhaps a knock on the door. When it comes to termites, you won’t get that phone call or knock on the door. They show up completely unannounced….and they bring 1000’s of their family members.

Eyewitness – Termites or Ants??

Swarming termites or Ants??? That is the question. They look very similar and are often mis- diagnosed by homeowners. If you want definitive signs you have termites…or it’s just ants, let’s look at the distinguishing characteristics of both.
1. Ants have bent antennae that are often bent to nearly a right angle, while the termite’s antennae are more curved to straight.

2. Ants have a midsection that is narrow, while a termite’s is broad, like the Planter’s Peanut man.

3. Termites have 4 wings that will extend well past the body and will be of equal length. Ants also have 4 wings, but they are not equal in length and will just barely extend past the body.

Often, termites are white when they are larvae and are darker in color when they begin to get older. These organisms are often no bigger than a grain of rice and will move away from light sources such as a flashlight.

When it rains, you might notice a swarm of termites flying around your window sills or doors. If you notice this kind of swarm, you will want to call Chet’s office at 813-935-7554 pronto.

Mud Tubes & Exit Holes For Termites

If you suspect you have termites, do a little investigating to find out if your suspicions are true. Go get in your crawl space to get a look at the foundation… Or you can call us and we’ll send a highly trained termite expert out to do it for you…free of charge. If you notice cracks in the foundation, you might want to start looking for small tubes of mud that are about the size of a pencil in diameter. These tubes can be within the masonry itself or free standing on the foundation. Termites will travel through these little tubes to get to new sources of wood and moisture. These tubes will actually originate in the soil from the outside of your foundation and move all the way into your home as they discover more food sources.


Realizing that you have termites is only the beginning of the solution. Once you notice these little creatures, you might already have a serious problem. This generally means that termites have infested your home for years.

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. It’s best to have your home inspected for termites and other pest at least once a year.

When was the last time your home was inspected for these wood destroying organisms?

Call my office at 813-935-7554 and we’ll send a highly-trained termite specialist to your home for a FREE inspection.

Finding The Best Termite Treatment In Tampa

Termites can be a nightmare to deal with if you find them in your home. They can compromise the integrity of the wood inside your home or the ground underneath your foundation. Either one of these types of termites can cause a huge amount of damage if not properly treated in a timely manner. This is why it is important to find the best termite treatment that the Tampa area has to offer. Doing so will allow you to rest easy knowing that you have the best help you can find.

Termite TreatmentIt is important to deal with a termite infestation as soon as you find it. This can help save you money in the long run because it will allow less time for the infected area to be damaged by the pests. As soon as you find a termite infestation you should contact your local termite treatment company in Tampa to allow them to come out and inspect the house. With a proper inspection they will be able to tell you exactly how to proceed in order to rid your home of the termite infestation.

In order to find the best termite treatment company in Tampa you should be looking for a few different things. One is experience in the pest control business. A company that has been successfully treating homes for years will be much more likely to be able to clear out your termite infestation than one without the experience. You should also be looking for a company that can provide you with a positive customer service experience to go along with their exemplary service. This can be the difference between allowing a termite infestation to ruin your month or being able to see the bright side and stay positive throughout the affair.

Once you have found the best termite treatment option allow them to do what they do best. They will have the termites out of your home as quickly as possible. It is possible to remove termites without having to deal with the hassles of fumigation. A simple organic compound can be injected into the wood in order to remove the termite infestation from your home without any risks to your health. This means that you won’t have to move out of your home for a couple of days or deal with any of the other precautions that traditionally come along with fumigation. provides all of the information that customers need to make the right choice regarding their pest infestation.

Tampa Termite Control Will Save Your Home and Pocketbook

No one has ever mentioned termites in a fun and frivolous voice. Most people used hushed tones and sound extremely somber when talking about these annoying little insects. Why? The main reason is that termites are a large cause of home damage and can cause billions of dollars worth of damage in one single city, such as Tampa. It is important to arm yourself with knowledge about them and find a company that is reputable to handle termite control before you lose your home or must make costly repairs.
What They Eat

Most people incorrectly assume that termites only eat wood and do their damage to the home’s structure. Though primarily wood eaters, termites can actually damage books, paper, insulation, swimming pool filtration system and pool liners. They can also feed off living shrubs and trees, though they prefer to eat those that are already dying.

When They Occur

Infestations can happen any time, but likely happen during the spring months between March and May. Termites tend to swarm away to other areas during this time to start up new colonies, so it is important to have your home checked during spring and anytime you are worried you have an infestation.

During warmer months, you may see swarmers flying around outside the home because they emerge to shed their wings and mate. However, it is less likely that your soil will contain colonies of termites because they rarely survive.

How to Tell

Swarmers are also incapable of eating the wood of your home and rarely survive anywhere. This is merely an indication that your home is infested.

The easiest way for a homeowner to spot termite problems is through swarmers, as they tend to fly out of woodpiles, tree stumps and other areas, and will be attracted to light and windows. Another sign of termite infestation is mud tubes that can be on foundation walls, sill plates, floor joists and more.

The best thing to do is to contact a Tampa termite control company if you are worried about infestation. The technicians will be more knowledgeable about what to look for and what to do.


It is never a good idea to treat your own home for termites. Though there are many options available for the homeowner to do so, treating termites is a big deal. You will likely cause more problems and could contaminate foods and utensils by trying it yourself.

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