Ant or Termite…Which Do You Have?

Ants in tampa

Dear Friend, 

Over the years, the question I’ve been asked more than another other question is…”How can I tell if I have termite or ants”?

Here are some tips to help you determine if you have Ants or Termites:
Take a look at the picture below and answer some questions while looking at your bug:

Ant vs. Termite Comparison

Ant vs. Termite Comparison

1.  Does your specimen have wings? 

If there are 4 wings, 2 sets, what are the wing lengths?

— Termites will have 2 sets of equal length wings that will extend well past the abdomen, or end of the body.
— Ants will also have 2 sets of unequal length wings.  1 set will be shorter than the other and extend just beyond the abdomen.

2.  Does your specimen have 2 or 3 body parts/segments?

—Termites have only 2 body segments…a head with a thick waist.
—Ants, on the other hand, have 3 body segments…a head, thorax and an abdomen with a ‘pinched’ waist.

There are many other factors that determine if you have ants or termites, but these are the easiest to identify with the naked eye.

Whether you have ants or termites, you’ll want to have a thorough, professional inspection of your home to determine how and why they are entering your home and how they can be eliminated.

Call our office @ 813-935-7554 or request your free inspection online at  We’ll send one of my highly-trained professionals to locate the main source of the nest or colony and apply the latest treatments to eliminate the problem.

Yours for a pest free home……