Pantry Pests

Pantry Pest Management Tips for Homeowners

In nature all insects have an important part in the food chain. While some insects will feed off of other insects or specific plants, others are opportunists when it comes to finding something to eat.

In fact, some insects have come to depend on humans. At Chet’s Termite & Pest Management in Tampa, FL we often see two particular types of pests that have adapted to living in human structures and feeding off the food available.

The good news for homeowners is that we can provide effective pantry pest control to immediately eliminate the source of the infestation. Then, after we leave, you can continue to practice pantry pest management to help prevent a new group of these insects from invading.


The two most common bugs we see in pantries are the Granary Weevil and the Rice Weevil. They are typically found in grains and rice and both have a distinctive long body with a long snout/nose.

They actually need to have a grain or some type of seed or similar food to place their eggs. They are small insects, with the Granary Weevil about an eighth of an inch larger in length than the Rice Weevil, which is slightly smaller and lighter in color.

If you believe you have pests in your home, practicing good pantry pests management will help you after we provide our pantry pest control measures. This typically involves removing all sources of infested material, such as pasta, dog food kibble, and other similar products.

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