Subterranean Termites

It’s that time of year again when Subterranean Termites start mating. I’ve received numerous calls from clients about black bugs with wings flying all over the houses and yards. They wanted to know how they could tell if it was ants or termites. So, here’s what to look for:

Signs Your Home May Be Termite Infested

As with many unwanted houseguests, there are signs they will be arriving soon. There’s a phone call that warns you of their arrival…or perhaps a knock on the door.

When it comes to termites, you don’t always get that call or knock on the door. They show up completely unannounced…and they bring 1000’s of their family members.

Eyewitness – You See Termites In Your Home

If you want a definitive sign you have termites, just look for the little critters in your house. They can be found in damp parts of your home, close to wood sources and look like small black ants with wings.

However, ants have bent antennae that are often bent to nearly a right angle, while the termite’s antennae are more curved. An ant has a midsection that is narrow, while a termite’s is broad, like the Planter’s Peanut man. A termite has wings that resemble the size and shape of its body, while an ant will not. 

When it rains, you might notice a swarm of termites flying around your window sills or doors. If you notice this kind of swarm, you will want to call Chet’s office at 813-935-7554 pronto.

Mud Tubes & Exit Holes For Termites

If you suspect you have termites, do a little investigating to find out if your suspicions are true. Go get in your crawl space to get a look at the foundation…Or you can call us and we’ll send a highly trained termite expert out to do it for you… free of charge.

If you notice cracks in the foundation, you might want to start looking for small tubes of mud that are about the size of a pencil in diameter. These tubes can be within the masonry itself or free standing on the foundation. Termites will travel through these little tubes to get to new sources of wood and moisture. These tubes will actually originate in the soil from the outside of your foundation and move all the way into your home as they discover more food sources.

Cracks in the foundation


Realizing that you have termites is only the beginning of the solution. Once you notice these little creatures, you might already have a serious problem. This generally means that termites have infested your home for years.

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. It’s best to have your home inspected for termites and other pest at least once a year. When was the last time your home was inspected for these wood destroying organisms?

Call my office at 813-935-7554 and we’ll send a highly-trained termite specialist to your home for a FREE inspection.

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Yours for a pest-free home, 

Chet Rowland

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