4 Warning Signs You Need Professional Mosquito Control Services

mosquito control

Florida beats out other states in a lot of areas. It’s at the top of the list for the number of retirees, days with sunshine, and inches of rain per year.

But one area where Florida claims the #1 spot that is nowhere near as glamorous as retiring on a sunny beach, is that it is home to at least 80 species of mosquitos, more than any other state. 

Before you know it, the rainy summer season will be here. Are you going to need mosquito control services? Stay on the lookout for these four warning signs of a mosquito infestation.

1. High Humidity

Unlike the most common winter pests, mosquitos are a surefire sign that summer is here. Why? Mosquitos thrive in heat and humidity.

You may start to notice mosquitos buzzing around more often from May through October. When temperatures dip to around 50 degrees, mosquitos struggle to stay alive. 

If the days are growing more and more humid where you live, you may get an influx of mosquitos. Consider mosquito pest control if you notice them hovering around at night. 

2. Standing Water

Mosquitos will always be found anywhere where there’s standing water. This means the lake across the street, your pool, or that bucket of rainwater that can draw them to your property.

Female mosquitos (the ones that bite us) lay their eggs on the surface of the water. For mosquitos, the more stagnant the water the better. Still, undisturbed water keeps their eggs safe from damage. 

In the rainy season, water can collect in pot saucers, old tires, and even on tarps. If you notice more mosquitos than usual on your property, standing water may be a contributor.

3. Mosquitos Inside

Mosquitos may not be the first insect that comes to mind when you think of common house pests. But they can easily slip inside if you leave the door open.

Mosquitos are more active at dawn and dusk. So be sure you keep your doors and windows shut as much as possible around those times. 

If you do notice mosquitos inside, don’t rely solely on the fly swatter. Get in touch with mosquito pest control.

4. Excessive Itching

Finally, excess itching is another common sign you may have a mosquito problem. You may notice it at night or first thing in the morning. You may even notice your dog or cat itching more. 

If you’re discovering those dreaded red bumps, take stock of your property. Rule out all the ways you may be encouraging mosquitos to breed without meaning to.

Ways to Discourage Mosquitos

To limit the number of mosquitos near your property, make sure you get rid of any standing water. Clean your birdbaths, birdhouses, and pool regularly. Don’t leave out any buckets, bottles, or other containers that water can collect in.

Some of the dangers of mosquitos include disease transmission. So if you’re spending time outside, mosquito repellent can keep them off your skin. Certain people are more prone to mosquito bites and should always stay protected.

Finally, try to only sit outside when there’s a breeze. Mosquitos have a hard time flying against the wind, so pick your outdoor time accordingly.  

Find Mosquito Control Services

The best mosquito control services will protect you from a full-on mosquito infestation. If you’re constantly swatting or itching, you may already have a pest problem. Don’t let it get out of hand. 

To get in touch about managing your mosquitos, contact us here.