5 Common Pests You’ll See This Winter (And How to Get Rid of Them)

winter common pests

Oh, winter months. Cold, cozy, and perfect for common pests to snuggle up in your warm, heated home.

Your pest “friends” may love your hospitality, but you certainly didn’t sign up for them. Here is a complete guide on how to evict the 5 most common critters that will knock on your door this winter.

1. Mice and Rats

As the long-established pest duo, it’s no wonder that they land at the top of this list. Though mice typically snuggle up in the attic and rats choose damp cold places, they both will chew through almost anything to get food and water. This means your pipes are in danger.

To rid yourself of these rodents, ensure that there are no entry points under your house. Rats can fit through an opening as small as half an inch!

If there’s evidence of an infestation, it may be time to call an exterminator. However, doing preventative work like taking out the trash and keeping your storage spaces clutter-free can ward off these rodents before they ever enter.

2. Cockroaches

These fellows are the face of pest control because they’re so aggravating to remove. German cockroaches love moisture and cozy up in kitchens and bathrooms. They are famous for spreading allergies and pathogens.

The best measure against cockroaches is keeping your home clean, your food sealed, taking out the trash regularly, not leaving any crumbs on the counter, and not leaving any food out for long periods of time.

3. Termites

Wait, aren’t termites only supposed to wreak havoc in spring and summer? No, subterranean termites will ail you in the winter as well! These winter pests have the highest infestation rate in Florida, so if you’re in the Tampa area like us, you’re at risk.

Subterranean termites are a pain to get rid of once they’ve established a colony. Get your home checked twice a year to ensure that your foundation is secure. We offer free inspections and consultation services regarding termite and pest removal.

After our treatment, we will offer you a full money-back guarantee if they ever return again. Our treatments are that effective!

4. Raccoons

Raccoons are drawn to trash and food. If you’re leaving scraps out for them to dive into, you’ll have yourself a persistent and irritating resident.

They love looking for nesting locations through chimneys and attics. You may be wanting to just treat them as your visiting winter pet, but they are the number one spreader of rabies in the United States.

Get animal-proof lids for your trash. Like mice and rats, look out for entry points under your house. If they become a problem, don’t take any chances and get a pest control professional involved immediately.

5. Stink bugs and Winter Common Pests

Despite being harmless, stink bugs, ladybugs, beetles, and other overwintering pests can become obnoxious over a long period of time. These guys love to store eggs in window sills and other crevices that get warm, even in the winter, so there’s always a steady supply of hatchlings.

They can become persistent, so seek out our pest control services and let us handle the rest.

Call In The Exterminator

Here at Chet’s Pest in Tampa Florida, we want to alleviate the stress and harm that pests bring into your home. We have over 30 years of experience in pest control and are laser-focused on customer satisfaction.

If you see signs of common pests invading your home, see what you can do on your own first. If you feel helpless, remember that our pest control company always has your back, and you can give us a call or schedule your free inspection to rid your house of any intruding pest.