5 Things You Can Do to Keep Bugs/Rodents OUT of Your Home

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With our nice Florida weather this time of year, now is a good time to inspect your home and seal it up to help keep creepy crawlies where they belong…outside!

Here are 5 things you can do to help keep the Florida bugs out:

1. Rodents become a real issue this time of year, looking for warmer areas to take up residence…mainly inside your home. So, walk around the exterior of your home and make sure all soffits, eaves, fascia and roof vents are all intact without holes or gaps.

2. Inspect all windows & doors for gaps that might need to be sealed or caulked. These areas are perfect entry points for pesky ants and roaches.

3. If your home has a crawl space, make sure it has proper ventilation and the entry points into the crawl space are covered with screen. Install wire, steel wool or foam around all plumbing and electrical entry points under the crawl space. Rodents, roaches and ants love to follow these easy access points into dishwashers, kitchen sinks, bathrooms, etc.

4. Check other easy access points like phone wires and electric wires, where they enter the house, should be caulked. Also, trim back tree limbs and vines overhanging or touching the roof or sides of the home.

5. Sweep up and remove any dead bugs and spider webs around window & door entries. This will help keep down spider populations.