Ants in a Keurig Gross!

Ants in a Keurig

We had someone recently send in these pictures and a story about how they ended up with ants inside their Keurig coffee maker. We know, disgusting right?

They had a trail of ants on the counter and did some spraying in the typical spots (baseboard, floor, etc), thinking that would solve the problem.

But later they saw where the ants were hiding when they went to add water to their Keurig.

Inside the water container were a ton of dead floating ants as well as live ones getting water. The ants had moved in underneath the container and even had eggs stored in there. They basically took up residence in there where it was dark and near water.

You just never know where you will find ants and should always check areas near water.

Oh and give us a call to make sure they don’t get inside in the first place!
Ants in Keurig