Chet Conquers Bugs – A Customer Poem

carpenter ants in tampa

Below is a poem written and sent in by one of our happy customers!

Chet sends out green trucks,
That put fear into bugs,
On floors and on ceilings,
On walls and on rugs.

When the varmints move in
And think they might stay,
Chet calls for brave David
To come send them away.

David comes to my house,
He unpacks his gear,
He works his good magic,
The bugs disappear.

The crawling bugs crawl,
The flying bugs fly,
Spiders roll up their webs
As they bid me goodbye.

No bugs in the kitchen
Or under the bed,
They’re gone from the house
And the yard and the shed.

So if you have varmints
That won’t pay rent,
Whole in on your bounty?
Without your consent,

Simply call Chet
And he’ll find a way
To pack up the vermin
And send they away.

© Copyright 2011 by Judy Karen Barrett, all rights reserved