Don’t Let the Rats In! 5 Rat Prevention Tips for Your Home

Rat prevention

The City of Los Angeles is considering deploying an army of cats inside it’s City Hall to deal with the building’s rat infestation.

While cats are notoriously good at rodent population control, this is probably not the best solution for the city for a number of reasons.

When it comes to your home, preventing pests and rodents is easier than removing them. If the city had implemented some basic rat prevention techniques they would likely not be in this situation.

While we are all for keeping cats employed, we recommend rodent proofing your property before things get out of control.

Keep reading for 5 must-know rat prevention techniques for your home.

1. Keep It Clean

One of the most important tips for keeping pests and rodents off your property is to keep the place clean.

Clutter and mess attract pests because they provide a place for them to hide and take shelter during colder months. It is especially important to make sure you have no piles of newspaper or wood. These are big pest attractions.

If you bring firewood into your house, make sure you burn it immediately. There may be pests hiding within the wood.

2. Seal Potential Entrance Points

A tiny gap or crack is all it takes for a rodent to enter your property.

Possible sources that should be checked and sealed include walls, doors, windows, drains, and eaves.

Gaps should be sealed with steel wool or caulk. 

3. Clean Up Food and Water

Everyone knows that pests will seek out leftover food.

Make sure not to leave food sitting around. Dispose of it immediately and run your garbage disposal to avoid any smells coming from the sink.

Besides food, pests and rodents will also seek out water sources in the winter. Make sure there are no leaks in the bathroom, attics, or basement.

These are huge sources of water and moisture for pests and rodents during cold months when they take shelter inside your home. 

4. Clean Up Your Yard

You want to make sure your yard is clear of debris that hangs around in the fall and creates excellent nesting spots for pests and rodents.

They will nest in the debris and then move into your house as the temperatures drop.

Clear garden debris as well as all leaves, branches, and twigs from your property. Make sure to do this before temperatures start dropping for the season so that no one has time to build a nest.

5. Specific Rat Prevention

You will also want to identify access points on your property that are specific targets for rats such as gaps located high up on the house or building and on the roof.

Rats will target these places and not just access points near the ground that you are more likely to seal. 

Consult a Professional

While these 5 rat prevention techniques are sure to help prevent an infestation in your home, if you need further advice or already have an infestation it’s best to contact a professional.

For more help, contact us today.