Mouse in the House? 5 Signs You Have an Infestation

Mice Infestation

Eek! Is that a mouse?

During the winter months, everybody seeks shelter from the cold. This includes mice.

Mice can squeeze through tiny cracks and holes in the foundation of a home. Rodents, like mice, tend to breed rapidly too. Meaning a few slipping through the cracks can quickly turn into a serious mice infestation in your home.

5 Signs of a Mice Infestation

You want to take prompt action if you suspect an infestation n your home. Keep reading to learn 5 indications that mice invaded your house.

1. Scampering Sounds

Did you hear that? If you frequently hear this noise, mice probably live in your walls.

Mice love to scurry through interior walls. You may also hear them running through the ceiling from the attic or along pipes, wires, and conduits.

Note that rodents typically stay active through the night. With a mouse infestation, you will tend to hear them running through the walls and across floors mostly when you’re trying to sleep.

Other pests also make scratching and scampering sound when they infest. So, anytime it sounds like your walls are alive, you should immediately call your local pest control team.

2. Mouse Droppings

Everybody poops. Mice just tend to do so in clean clothing, silverware drawers, food cupboards, and anywhere else the urge strikes.

Mouse poop looks like tiny, black grains of rice. The feces gets lighter as it ages, indicating when your visitor last scampered through the area.

You will see the droppings most abundant where they tend to stay active, so take note. Also, know that mouse poop can make you very sick with Hantaviruses as the CDC warns. This makes disinfecting and promptly ridding the house of rodents imperative.

3. Musty Scent

Mice tend to make homes smell a little off. Their feces and urine give off a distinct musty smell.

It may smell more like ammonia in closed spaces. You may smell this most pungently in drawers and cupboards.

4. Nests

Mice will steal stuffing from mattresses, pillows, and other furniture. They will also take shreds of items like clothing and blankets. You might even find shreds of newspaper around the house.

If you find your belongings looking knawed or shredded, and pieces of unusual items around the house, you probably have a mama mouse looking to keep her babies warm. They tend to nest in sheltered spaces in close proximity to food.

5. Changed Pet Behavior

Animals typically sense things long before us humans do. If your pet starts behaving strangely, pay attention. If they sense an animal in the home, you may see them sniffing around more than usual, barking or scratching at the walls, or simply acting extra alert.

Take Action If You Suspect Mice in Your Home

You may not know how to get rid of mice. Fortunately, a pet control expert can quickly stop the mice infestation.

A mouse infestation does not only feel creepy. It poses a real health risk to you and your family.

Take back your home! If you suspect mice, check out Chet’s pest control. We want to help!