How to Control Mosquitos and Keep Them at a Minimum

how to control mosquitos

Nothing can ruin an outdoor barbecue or day of gardening like hearing that all too familiar whining buzz nearby. Mosquitos are not only a nuisance, but they also pose a health risk to you and your family.

But how do you control mosquitos when they seem to be everywhere?

The good news is you can battle back. By knowing some tips and tricks, you can decrease the number of mosquitos in your backyard and repel others away.

Let’s look at how to control mosquitos to turn your backyard back into your oasis.

Get Rid of Standing Water

That innocent looking puddle in your backyard may be harboring hundreds of mosquito larvae. Stagnant, standing water is the go-to place for female mosquitos when it comes time to lay her eggs.

Take their breeding ground away by getting rid of all standing water in your yard. Places to look at include downspouts, kid’s toys, trash cans or buckets, planters, or anything that will hold water after it rains.

Clean up the Yard Clutter

Excess yard clutter is the perfect place to hide pockets of standing water. Old tires or discarded lawn furniture have all sorts of nooks and crannies for water to collect.

To control mosquitos, clean up your lawn. Throw out any items that don’t need to be in your yard.

For things that you want to keep, make sure there’s proper drainage. For example, drill a hole in the bottom of a tire swing for water to escape.

Plus, don’t forget to clean out your gutters and mow your lawn regularly.

Treat Water You Don’t Want to Drain

You enjoy your birdbath or backyard pond. The last thing you want is to get rid of it, all for the effort of controlling mosquitos.

The good news is you don’t have to. Simply treat the standing water you want to keep.

Mosquito control rings or dunks kill larvae in ponds and water gardens using a naturally occurring bacterium. Adding a fountain or water agitator will keep water moving. Or stock it with varieties of goldfish who eat the larvae.

For birdbaths or kiddie pools, change the water out once a week.

Use Repellents in Outdoor Living Areas

While you can’t prevent all mosquitos, you can help repel them for your yard.

Plant natural repellents such as catnip, marigolds, lavender, and citronella. Keep them in pots around your patio and scatter them throughout your garden.

Bug sprays and foggers can be effective, though should always be used as directed. Plus, light some citronella candles on evenings that aren’t very windy.

Call in the Professionals

Your yard may be too much for you to treat on your own, or the mosquito problem is out of control. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Pest control experts will come out to your property, identify where mosquitos are living and breeding, then personalize a treatment. They’ll know exactly what to use and how to control mosquitos around your home or business.

Enjoy the Outdoors by Knowing How to Control Mosquitos

Take back control of your backyard. By knowing how to control mosquitos, you can enjoy the outdoors once again.

Need help controlling the mosquito population around your yard? Contact us today! Chet’s provides a FREE mosquito inspection and evaluation.