How to Get Mice Out of Your House: The Complete Guide

how to get mice out of your house

A mice infestation is the last thing you want in your home; they bring all kinds of diseases and put chips and holes in your house. Without proper knowledge or experience, you won’t be able to get rid of them.

In this guide, you’ll learn preventative methods on how to keep them from entering your house and how to eliminate them if they’re already residing there.

Find And Block Their Entry Points

The most effective way to prevent or get rid of a mice infestation is to remove their entry points. This can be difficult since they can squeeze through small holes (if you can fit a pen through an opening, a mouse may be able to get through it).

Make sure to seal cracks or holes in your walls. Avoid rubber, plastic, or wood sealants too, as mice can easily chew through those materials. Instead, you’ll want to use materials such as steel wool or caulk.

For gaps under your doors or windows, use weather stripping, as it prevents them from entering when it’s closed. Also, protect utility pipes or vents that could serve as an entryway.

Invest In Mouse Traps

To get rid of mice already in your house, you’ll need mouse traps. There’s a wide variety of mouse traps, from classic snap traps to electric traps. Wooden snap traps are the cheapest option. 

The benefit of electric mouse traps is that they don’t need you to keep checking on it, as most of them have indicator lights. They’re also easier to clean and have no-touch disposal. If you want the mouse unharmed, you will want to buy a live mouse trap.

Use The Best Bait 

Contrary to media portrayal and popular belief, cheese does not attract mice. You will attract mice by using high-calorie foods like chocolate, peanut butter, and other similar products. Use whatever food they will eat around your house as bait.

During the winter, mice build their nests using materials that retain warmth, so during this time of year, use nesting materials as bait: things like dental floss or cotton balls are good options.

Find The Best Places For The Traps

Proper placement of the trap is critical to catching the mice. They’re more likely to run along the walls or behind furniture, so you want to place them perpendicularly to the wall so they don’t trigger the traps prematurely. 

It’s a good idea to place the traps in areas where sightings of the mice are common. Check the traps regularly and reset them if they triggered without catching a mouse. If you don’t see mice-related activities after 2-3 days, change the location of the traps.

Learn How To Get Mice Out Of Your House Today!

Once you get rid of the mice in your house, it’s a good idea to tightly seal your food products and keep everything sanitized. Doing so will prevent mice from coming into your house in the first place.

If you suspect a mice infestation in your home and need help, contact us today to schedule an appointment so we can come out and treat your home.

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