Tampa Termite Control Will Save Your Home and Pocketbook

Flying Termites

No one has ever mentioned termites in a fun and frivolous voice. Most people used hushed tones and sound extremely somber when talking about these annoying little insects. Why? The main reason is that termites are a large cause of home damage and can cause billions of dollars worth of damage in one single city, such as Tampa. It is important to arm yourself with knowledge about them and find a company that is reputable to handle termite control before you lose your home or must make costly repairs.
What They Eat

Most people incorrectly assume that termites only eat wood and do their damage to the home’s structure. Though primarily wood eaters, termites can actually damage books, paper, insulation, swimming pool filtration system and pool liners. They can also feed off living shrubs and trees, though they prefer to eat those that are already dying.

When They Occur

Infestations can happen any time, but likely happen during the spring months between March and May. Termites tend to swarm away to other areas during this time to start up new colonies, so it is important to have your home checked during spring and anytime you are worried you have an infestation.

During warmer months, you may see swarmers flying around outside the home because they emerge to shed their wings and mate. However, it is less likely that your soil will contain colonies of termites because they rarely survive.

How to Tell

Swarmers are also incapable of eating the wood of your home and rarely survive anywhere. This is merely an indication that your home is infested.

The easiest way for a homeowner to spot termite problems is through swarmers, as they tend to fly out of woodpiles, tree stumps and other areas, and will be attracted to light and windows. Another sign of termite infestation is mud tubes that can be on foundation walls, sill plates, floor joists and more.

The best thing to do is to contact a Tampa termite control company if you are worried about infestation. The technicians will be more knowledgeable about what to look for and what to do.


It is never a good idea to treat your own home for termites. Though there are many options available for the homeowner to do so, treating termites is a big deal. You will likely cause more problems and could contaminate foods and utensils by trying it yourself.

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