Mosquito Average Life: What You Need to Know

mosquito average life

There are about 200 different species of mosquitos in the world, found across all edges of the globe. These mosquitos can carry a variety of diseases and hazards, but how long do they live?

Understanding the mosquito life cycle or the mosquito average life range can help you understand how to get rid of them. But there are multiple mosquito lifespan factors you’ll need to know about before you can tackle the pests.

If you’re curious about mosquito control and breeding, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about how long the average mosquito lives. We’ll also look at some of the many factors that can impact a mosquito’s lifespan.

Mosquito Average Life

One of the more impactful things in a mosquito’s lifespan is its sex. If you’re afraid of mosquitos staying around too long, good news: male mosquitos only last an average of about a week before their lives naturally end.

Female mosquitos however, last significantly longer – almost five times as long! While the average lifespan for a male mosquito is roughly ten days, female mosquitos can live as long as fifty, and then some.

The Mosquito Life Cycle

How are mosquitos spending their lives? Here’s a glance at the mosquito life cycle.


Mosquito eggs are the beginning of their life cycle, as is the case with many insects. These eggs are often placed directly on the surface of still water or near the shore. That’s why you’ll frequently find clouds of mosquitos near ponds and lakes.


The larval stage occurs after mosquitos hatch from their eggs. Mosquitos spend their larval stage just beneath the surface of the water, with a sort of “snorkel” providing them air. If necessary, they can swim deeper in a wiggling motion.

The larval stage lasts for up to two weeks. Species, water temperature, and how much food is available are common factors in deciding this length.

Pupal Stage

Once they’re past the larva stage, mosquitos turn to pupae. The pupa stays beneath the water, but this stage won’t last long. After one to four days, the back of the bug splits open and the adult mosquito climbs out to rest on the surface of the water.

Adult Stage

Usually, males will hatch before females and stay near the site to wait for the females. Up to 30% of the adult population can die daily, meaning they’ll breed fast – almost immediately after hatching. Different species may live longer.

Males will spend their week of life eating plant nectar and, interestingly, do not drink blood. Female mosquitos will enjoy blood meals, the abundance of which will decide how long they live.

Handling Mosquito Control

Curious about cutting down the mosquito average life span? If you want to get rid of mosquitos, getting rid of nearby standing water is the best bet. The mosquito’s life stages take place almost entirely in still water, so getting rid of such hazards can reduce how many of these pests you see.

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