Returning Home After Termite Fumigation: What to Expect

termite fumigation

Did you know termites infest 600,000 homes every year in the United States?

Termites are stubborn critters that are difficult to get rid of. If you’ve discovered termites in your home, you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible. To know what to expect after termite fumigation, read below.

Clean up Your House

After termite fumigation, you need to clean up your house due to all of the lingering chemicals. If you have the budget, you can call a professional company

However, if you want to clean up yourself, follow a few steps:

Start by opening all the windows to allow the house to aerate. Ensure you wash and shampoo all soft surfaces such as carpets, bedding, curtains, table cloths, etc. 

In addition, try to stay elsewhere for a few days afterward to make sure the smell is completely gone.

Know That You May See Other Pests

Once you go back to your house after the termite fumigation, you may still see other pests.

Unless your home has been treated to prevent other pests, these little critters could sneak into your house. These bugs will show up at your house to feed on the dead termites that hide in your house.

Pre-treating your house before the termite tent goes up is the best way to prevent other pests.

Leftover Termites

Even if you fumigate your house against termites, they might still linger for a few days after you move back home.

There are several reasons why a few termites might stick around after the pesticides. 

For instance, it might take a few days for some termites to die. Also, not all pesticides kill termite eggs that may have stayed behind. Even if you have newly hatched eggs, they won’t survive for very long without the colony. 

Termite Droppings

Don’t freak out if you still find termite droppings after the fumigation. You don’t have to call the exterminator if you see droppings. 

Droppings are also known as frass, and you might see them on your windowsills. Termites leave behind frass in small holes and tunnels around the windowsills. 

When you slam closed doors and windows, the frills will surface for you to find. Wiping down the area and adding a new coat of paint will take care of the problem.

Treat Your Entire Property

If you fumigate your house against termites, you will still need to treat the entire property.

Keep in mind that there are termites that may linger in trees or subterranean termites. 

Unless you treat the entire property, you risk these termites finding their way into your home. Make sure you treat the property to prevent another infestation. 

Termite Fumigation Is Worth It

Now that you know what to expect after termite fumigation, it’s time you get rid of those pests.

Ready to get rid of them forever?

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