5 Tips for Getting Rid of Spring Bugs and Pests

spring bugs

Spring is here! The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and it’s the perfect time to soak up some Vitamin D in the great outdoors. But with all the good things that come with this time of year, the warmer weather brings spring bugs both in and around your home.

It’s normal to see a bug or two as the spring season rolls in. However, if you’re concerned about the number of bugs in your home, there are things you can do to get rid of them.

Here are a few great tips for protecting your home from the increase in bugs that come with the warmer weather.

1. Clean Your Kitchen

One of the most common types of household bugs is ants. These tiny pests are not only a nuisance but can damage your home as well.

Ants are mainly attracted to food, so if you have food lying around your kitchen or have been neglecting cleaning your garbage disposal, you’re at a greater risk of an ant infestation.

Keep all food in sealed containers and clean your kitchen regularly to dispose of any crumbs on the counters and floors.

2. Don’t Let Damp Areas Go

Once you’ve made sure there are no more exposed food products or crumbs in your home, it’s time to tackle the damp areas. Bugs love nothing more than a cool, damp place to call home.

Inspect your home for any leaking faucets or pipes and ensure that your appliances are all in proper working order. Additionally, if you have a basement, consider installing a dehumidifier to decrease moisture.

3. Seal Any Small Openings

Take a look at your windows and doors. Do you notice that you can see the sunshine coming through the cracks? If so, these need to be sealed right away.

Using caulk or weather stripping in these areas will better insulate your home against bugs. You might even notice that you have a lower electric bill too!

4. Keep Your Landscape Tidy

So, the inside of your home is dry, sealed, and crumb-free. What about your yard? Common items kept outside of your home, such as firewood, compost, and yard waste, are ideal homes for insects.

While it’s absolutely fine to have these things in your yard, they need to be kept away from the house.

It may be a hassle, but try to do yard work more often. Removing weeds, overhanging branches, and standing water are excellent ways to decrease the number of bugs appearing around your home.

5. Call a Pest Control Company

Last but not least, the most effective way to rid of unwanted pests is to call in a professional.

Now, you will still need to keep your home clean and reasonably free of food waste, if you want to get the most out of your pest control services, but a pest control specialist will create a barrier around your home that will keep the bugs out.

Take Care of Spring Bugs with These Tips

Ridding your home of spring bugs isn’t as difficult as you might think. The main thing to focus on is keeping your home and yard as clean as possible. Don’t leave food lying around and be sure to dry up any damp areas before they attract pests.

Once your home is clean, be sure to give our services a look. We can take care of everything from carpenter ants to mosquitos!