We’re Thankful

Chet's Technicians and Staff

After a very stressful month at Chet’s Termite & Pest Management, we’re challenging ourselves to find ways to be thankful for the obstacles we have encountered in hopes they become our blessings in the future.

We’re thankful to those long-time customers we lost after their courageous battles with life ending illnesses. We’re thankful we had the opportunity to know and serve those fine ladies and gentlemen throughout the years. They helped us become a better company and better people. To those families, we wish you our sincerest condolences.

We’re thankful we still have Andrew, an 18-year veteran technician and friend, after a very serious health issue. It’s a miracle he’s alive and without any major limitations. He is extremely grateful to be back to work serving the customers he has known for nearly 2 decades.

We’re thankful Kevin’s foot surgery went well and he is recovering at home with the support of his family and friends. Even though Kevin has only been a pest control technician with the company 2 years, he is still part of our Chet’s family. We are anxiously awaiting his return in early April.

We’re thankful to our families for their continued support while we’re away from home a little longer than usual to fill in for our missing teammates.

We’re thankful we’re tired and weary, because it means we made a difference to our customers who expected us to show up and perform.

We’re thankful we don’t have everything we want. It makes us work harder for our clients, our families and the company everyday.

We’re thankful we ran across situations we have not dealt with in the past. It gave us the opportunity to grow and learn from these new experiences.

We’re thankful for our own personal limitations because it allowed us to grow and find hidden talents amongst our crew and clients.

We’re thankful for the mistakes we made. We learned some very valuable lessons…and will continue to learn from our mistakes in the future.

We’re thankful for these difficult times because it gave us an opportunity to grow tighter as a team and rally together to serve our amazing customers and complete all the work scheduled.

It’s much easier to be thankful for the good things in life, but a life of fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for setbacks.

Thank you to the customers we serve, because without you, we know we don’t have a work place to call home. More than 1/2 of our crew has been with Chet’s 18 years or more and we do call the office our 2nd home.

Thank you to the entire staff that works endlessly…without complaint, to get the work done.

Thank you to Chet for allowing us to come to work everyday and do what he has taught us, not only about business, but about life in general. He truly is one of the greatest people anyone could ever have the good fortune to know. We’re all thankful we get the represent him and his company everyday.

To our outstanding staff and amazing customers, we’re grateful and thankful for your continued support!!