What Do Termites Sound Like? 5 Signs of an Infestation


Each year, property owners spend more than $2 billion treating termite infestations.

This isn’t that surprising when you consider that queens can lay thousands of eggs a day. That’s a lot of termites doing a lot of damage.

If you get a termite infestation, the quicker you can deal with it, the less damage will be done. But how do you know if you have one? Well, one option is to use your ears.

What do termites sound like? We give you low down as well as four other tell-tale signs that you have a termite infestation.

1. You can hear them

If you can hear a clicking noise coming from your wood, then this is probably termites.

When they sense danger, termites will bang against their tunnels to alert other termites, making a distinctive clicking sound. If you hear this noise, it’s time to call pest control.

You may also be able to hear the sound of the worker termites actively chewing at the wood.

2. You find their droppings

Drywood termites don’t want their tunnels clogged up with droppings.

By pushing the droppings, known as frass, out of their nest, they leave a visible sign of an infestation. If you spot small dark pellets, a little like coffee grounds, in or around your home, then this may be a clue that you have termites.

The more frass, the more likely you have a severe infestation.

3. Your wood fails the tap test

Solid wood gives a satisfying thud when you give it a tap.

But if your wood is riddled with holes, then you will find that it sounds quite hollow when tapped. If your wood fails the tap test, you need to call pest control as soon as possible as the structural integrity of your wood will be severely compromised.

4. There are signs of flying termites

Termites have a multi-stage life cycle. Reproductive termites will at some point develop wings.

This is when you are most likely to be able to physically spot termites in your home. If you spot small insects with long translucent wings, these may be alates: flying termites.

Alates eventually shed their wings, so finding the large wings is also another tell-tale sign.

5. You spot some Albino Ants

If you see some ants that are entirely white in your home, you probably have termites.

This is because there are no species of ants that are completely white. What you are seeing is most likely termites, which do somewhat resemble white ants. If you see these in your home, get an inspection to confirm that you have termites.

If you’re asking what do termites sound like, then it sounds like you need to call us!

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