What is the Best Treatment for Drywood Termites in Florida?

Drywood termites can infest your property easily because they do not require soil. Find the best treatment for drywood termites here.

If you think your Florida home is safe from termites, think again. It’s estimated that Florida loses up to $1 billion a year because of termite-related damages. If you’re seeking treatment for drywood termites, you should know the most effective ones. 

Find the three top treatments for drywood termites below. 

Tent Fumigation

Tent fumigation is one of the most common ways to banish drywood termites from your home. While the idea of fumigation brings stress to the heart of many homeowners, modern fumigation techniques are quick and efficient. 

Your pest control expert will cover your home in a specialized tent so that all cracks and crevices are covered. They will then pump a fumigant inside. The drywood termites in your home will breathe it in and die.

Fumigation can take anywhere from a few hours to seven days. The severity of your termite infestation and the size of your home both affect how long the process takes. 

At Chet’s Pest, your home is treated with care and respect by pest control experts. You’ll always be given the full picture regarding how long treatment will take and a fair cost estimation. 

Try Boric Acid

Boric acid is another option for homeowners with a termite infestation. Boric acid sucks all the moisture out of the termite itself. It also helps to shut down their nervous system completely, effectively killing them.

Boric acid tends to work for smaller-scale infestations. Spraying it on cracks and crevices where you notice the signs of termites can help to rid them from the spot. However, you may need tent fumigation to eradicate an entire drywood termite colony. 

Essential Oil Treatments

Drywood termites do not like certain smells, especially those that come from essential oils. Orange oil seems to drive them particularly crazy. It’s a very pungent oil and spraying it on a termite’s nest can help send them packing. 

Another reason termites hate orange oil is that it contains D-limonene. This chemical shatters a termite’s exoskeleton and can even destroy its eggs. That’s what makes it a great option for smaller-scale termite infestations. 

Other essential oils that can help remove small infestations include tea tree and geranium. These strong scents are unpleasant to termites, just like orange oil. They can also help to keep other pests away from your home, such as spiders and mice. 

Signs of Drywood Termites

If you notice any of the following signs in your home, you may have drywood termites. Contact a pest control expert immediately if you find:

  • discarded wings
  • hear clicking noises
  • hollow wood 
  • stuck doors
  • stuck windows

It’s important to remember that not all these signs will be easy to spot if you have termites. 

Get the Best Treatment for Drywood Termites

Tent fumigation is the best treatment for drywood termites in Florida. When you use a pest-control expert, the infestation will be destroyed quickly and efficiently.  

For the most reliable and affordable tent fumigation options, contact us today. We offer a two-phase lifetime guarantee that will send termites running!