When to Call an Attic Pest Control Company

attic pest control

Pests are a pesky problem no matter where you look. In a 2021 survey, more than 20% of homeowners reported seeing at least one type of pest in their home during the last 12 months.

Many people spot pests in their attics. Attics are dark and damp, making them ideal locations for many types of pests. You should expect to have pests sooner rather than later, so you should figure out when to call an attic pest control company. 

What signs of an infestation suggest pests are in your home every day? How can pests make nests in your attic? How can they damage your property and cause safety problems?

Answer these questions and you can remove pests in your attic before they control your home. Here is your quick guide.

Signs of Daily Activity

It may take time for your attic pests to reveal themselves. Some signs of a pest infestation suggest that pests visit every now and again while others suggest daily activity. 

Footprints are a common sign of daily activity. Take a look at the dust on the floor of your attic. You can also look at the tops of boxes and pieces of furniture.

Feces are another sign. Take a look at the corners of your attic and along the walls. Do not touch feces with your bare hands, though you can remove them with rubber gloves and anti-bacterial spray before calling a pest control company.


Nests suggest that pests are living continuously in your attic and may have large colonies. Rats like to build nests out of paper, and they can tear up large pieces into small scraps. Look for piles of paper against your walls. 

Ghost ants are small enough to hide inside your walls. They can rip up pieces of your insulation or walling materials to make their nests. If you notice your walls are crumbling or your air/heat bills are rising, ants may be the culprit. 

Property Damage

Walling materials are one part of your home that pests can damage. Mice and large insects can eat through your wires, causing electrical problems. If your lights flicker or if you have an electrical fire in your attic, you should inspect the wires and see if you notice any pests. 

Pests can slip into your attic through damaged ducts or screens. As more pests come in, the holes in your ducts and screens can get wider. Monitor these areas for any signs of damage and consider calling a professional pest control company if the damage gets worse.

The Signs You Should Call an Attic Pest Control Company

Attic pest control requires your due diligence. You need to go into the attic and inspect it for signs of regular visits from pests. Spotting pests as they walk around or noticing their footprints and feces are telltale signs. 

Nests can be harder to find, but they also indicate a widespread infestation. Check the corners of each room and look inside the walls. You should keep an eye out for damaged wall materials, ducts, and screens as well.

Do not hand over your attic to pests. Chet’s Termite and Pest Management serves the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today for a free inspection!