Ghost Ants – How to Identify and Prevent Them

ghost ants

Dear Friend, 

Over the last few months, I’ve written about Subterranean Termites, which have been swarming for the last few weeks, so I decided to switch things up and write about something we get a lot of calls about… Ghost Ants.

If you’ve ever had Ghost Ants, you know what a challenge it is to get rid of them. They go away for a few days or weeks, then boom, they’re right back where they were before, and perhaps in new locations as well. Frustrating and pesky little creatures, for sure!  

I just visited a house this morning where the homeowner has been battling these ants for over 8 months.  She said she’s tried everything. Sprays, baits, powders, etc. but they keep coming back. Sounds like a familiar problem to me. We’ve been battling this formidable foe for a number of years now and the amount of sightings increase every year…and we don’t think this year will be any different.    

What Do Ghost Ants Look Like?

Ghost Ants are teeny, tiny ants. Their head and thorax is generally deep dark brown while the abdomen is nearly transparent. The small size combined with the pale color makes them hard to see. They move lightning fast and erratically.

ghost ants

Where Can You Find Ghost Ants and What Do They Eat?

Ghost Ants are usually found in the kitchen or bathrooms in search of water, but can be found outdoors as well. Most homeowners don’t mind them outside and quite frankly, they’re so small, I doubt anyone would even notice they were there. They don’t become too much of  a nuisance until they get inside your home around your sink, on your counters and eventually into your food.

While Ghost Ants will eat most household foods, they prefer sweets like sugar, cakes, cookies, and syrups.  

Here are some tips when dealing with these ants:

  • Practice good sanitation. Clean counters and food prep areas with cleaner to remove any remaining food particles.
  • Store food in air-tight containers.
  • Caulk around windows, doors and sinks to close any gaps where the ant can enter from outside.
  • Trim tree branches, plants and other vegetation away from the structure to eliminate easy access inside.
  • Repair any leaking pipes and faucets.

If you suspect you have a Ghost Ant issue or if you would like a FREE inspection of your home for ants, termites or other bugs, give the office a call @ 813-935-7554 to schedule an appointment with one of my highly-trained professionals.