Where Do Roaches Come From? The Causes Explained.

where do roaches come from

Cockroaches are the number one pest that plague a home. They carry diseases and can easily spread those diseases wherever they walk. And the worst part is, roaches can invade your home even if it’s clean.

But where do roaches come from? There are a number of places you can pick up these nasty invaders, which is why we put together this short article to help you stay vigilant against an infestation. 

Second-Hand Goods

A lot of items donated to second-hand shops aren’t checked for pests. Because of this, it’s easy to pick up unwanted guests in these types of items and stores. Additionally, yard sales can attract roaches because the items give them a place to hide. 

If you’ve recently bought a used couch from a yard sale or clothes from a thrift store, you may have picked up some stowaways. If they aren’t checked at the store or before you bring them into your home, you could be bringing these pests in right through the front door.

Grocery Stores and Restaurants 

Yes, you read that right, you can pick up roaches at the grocery store and even in restaurants. The cardboard boxes and abundance of food make these stores an ideal roach sanctuary.

Before loading your groceries into your car be sure to check your bags or boxes for any signs of these annoying pests. Additionally, if you’re dining at a restaurant, be sure to check your purse or bag for any sign of roaches that may be trying to hitch a ride to your house. 

Holes and Cracks In Your Home

There are several types of cockroaches and some of these live primarily outside; however, they seek shelter inside a home. 

A cockroach is very flexible and can flatten its body, so it can fit in virtually any hole or crack. This can give them extra opportunities to make your home theirs, so be sure to take care of any holes or cracks you notice in or around your house. 

Through the Plumbing

Many roaches use the plumbing of a building to get from one place to another. This is how an infestation can spread through an apartment so quickly. To help prevent an infestation, make sure all pipe holes are sealed and that the seals are undamaged and intact.

Where Do Roaches Come From?

Well, they can come from anywhere really. Your local grocery store, restaurant, school, work, yard sales, outside. But by staying vigilant and reducing the opportunity for them to get in, you can avoid an infestation. 

If you already find yourself with an infestation, you may need to enlist the help of an exterminator. Here at Chet’s, we offer a free 57 point inspection to help determine the best course of action to treat your home. 

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