A Guide to Getting Rid of German Roaches

getting rid of german roaches

Tampa’s humidity creates a hotbed of pest and critter infestation.

Roaches are some of the worst home intruders second to Florida’s state bird, the mosquito. These pests carry diseases like salmonellosis and cholera. Plus, bringing about anxiety knowing they’re crawling around your food.

Feeling overrun? Need help getting rid of German roaches?

Read on to understand the difference between the Florida roach species. And, what you can do to rid them from your home and yard.

What Makes German Cockroaches Different?

Floridians know and loathe the American cockroach aka the ‘Palmetto bug’. But, the common German cockroach is an equally annoying nuisance, too.

You’ll notice them from their:

  • Smaller, rounder size
  • Dual, black back stripe
  • Darker tan and brown color

These pests love your warm home, especially the kitchen. Luckily, German roaches don’t tend to fly like their American counterparts. Though, they will contaminate food items and get a strong reaction from you.

Getting Rid of German Roaches: A Step-by-Step

One German cockroach is one too many.

This is how you can rid these pests for (hopefully) forever:

Step 1: Get the Supplies

German roaches are a hardened species able to go months without food and weeks without water. Your best approach with how to get rid of German roaches is with a combo of cleanliness and supplies.

Here are items to consider:

  • Sprays — Kills bugs on sight
  • Bombs — Fumigates and kills in a large area
  • Bait stations — Attracts and kills pests with insecticides
  • Gels — Insecticides placeable in hard-to-reach areas
  • IGR — Insect growth regulators stopping their growth

Alternatively, you may opt for natural killers like:

  • A mixture of boric acid and sugar
  • A baking soda and sugar mixture
  • A greased container for a trap
  • A feeder attracting insect-eating birds

Commercial products are more reliable and inexpensive at most retailers.

Step 2: Clean Up Outside

You’ll need to clean around the yard in several key areas:

  • Sanitize outdoor waste bins
  • Seal cracks and openings in the home’s exterior
  • Create dry zones from the base of your home
  • Remove extra debris providing sanctuary
  • Eliminate pooling water restricting their water source

And, apply your roach killers around the yard where you’ve seen them frequent.

Step 3: Give the Home a Deep Clean

Take to your home and go through each room cleaning the best you can.

Make sure you’re:

  • Sliding out large appliances and furniture to clean the tough spots
  • Not leaving food and water in the sink or on countertops
  • Cleaning the waste bin, litter boxes, and laundry hampers
  • Blocking their paths with mesh or strainers in sink/tub openings
  • Vacuuming often and picking up after yourself as you go
  • Emptying pet dishes after their final meal/drink for the night
  • Sealing openings and blocking access in crawl spaces

Use your supplies in tandem with each area you clean adding gel or bait stations throughout the home. Sprinkle your borax mixture in dark/dank areas. And, applying IGRs where you’ve seen signs of roach infestations.

What To Do When You’re Overrun with Roaches

Hundreds of pests and critters may live in your home at any given time. The German roach is one of the fastest reproducing species of its kind. This can turn into an infestation despite your best DIY efforts.

Feeling overwhelmed while getting rid of German roaches? Give us a call!

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