Common Mice Control Mistakes That You Should Know

Mice control

It’s raining mice! In a 2021 survey, 14 million American homeowners said they spotted rodents in their house in the past 12 months. 

One reason why this statistic is so high is that people don’t know about mice control. Don’t panic if you think you have mice in your home. We’ll give you some tips on how to keep them away.

So why do mice go inside people’s homes? What kinds of mice can you have in your home? How can you get rid of them?

Get these questions answered and you can have a mice-free home in no time.

Not Knowing What Mice Want

Mice enter homes because they are looking for easy sources of food and shelter. They can eat crumbs that are left on the ground and bite their way through containers of food. They can use dead plants, trash, and cotton to build their nests. 

One of the best mice control tips you can follow is to remove objects from your home that mice like. It is important to keep your floors vacuumed to remove any excess food that rodents can eat. You should also pick up objects off the ground and place them on shelves and inside drawers.

Mistaking Different Mice Species from Each Other

Each species of mice poses a different threat to you and your home. Deer mice can spread diseases like Lyme disease while house mice can spread fleas and ticks. 

You should educate yourself on the appearance and behaviors of the different species of mice. Deer mice are small with soft fur, but house mice are bigger and have a more pointed nose. If you think you have deer mice, you should call a mice control service instead of laying out mouse traps. 

Misusing Mice Control Products

You can buy many different mice control products at the store, but you need to read their labels carefully. Some of them contain powerful chemicals that can make it hard to breathe. 

You can use mouse traps, but you need to use them strategically. Place them in locations where mice like to go, such as cabinets and basements. 

Check your traps every few days. If you have a dead mouse, you need to remove the trap and put the dead mouse inside a plastic bag, as the body can attract flies and beetles. Set out a new trap, as the old trap may have broken after killing the mouse.

Forgoing Professional Mice Control Help

Mice control is within your grasp. Take away any resources that mice can use to feed themselves and build shelters. 

If you spot a mouse, take a close look at it. Try to figure out what type it is, then take steps to protect yourself in case it can spread pathogens.

Read the instructions for mice control products carefully. Remember where your traps are and remove them as soon as you kill the mouse.

If mice control is too overwhelming, turn to a rodent control service. Chet’s Termite and Pest Management serves the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today for any of your pest control needs!