I Guarantee Your Home Will Be Subterranean Termite Free for 5 Years… or I’ll Refund Your Money!

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Basically, I guarantee you will have a subterranean termite-free home or I’ll retreat it for free and refund 100% of your initial investment.  You will not find ANY company willing to match these guarantees.  Here are the details:

 GUARANTEE #1:  If, after 120 days of your first treatment and up to day 1825…that’s 5 years, we uncover a new colony of live subterranean termites—we will REFUND YOUR ENTIRE INITIAL INVESTMENT. (Termite warranties must be paid and up to date)GUARANTEE #2:  If, during any year thereafter, we uncover a live colony of subterranean termites, we will retreat your home for FREE—EVEN IF YOU SELL THE HOME AND MOVE OUT!

 Frankly, there’s no way on earth I could afford to do this—unless I was successful at making homes just like yours subterranean termite-free and at keeping customers for life.  Which I am.  I have the most experienced technicians in the industry…personally trained by me, the best equipment, the best materials and I have My Unique 19-Step Treatment System That Simply Leaves Subterranean Termites No Place to Hide!!

So, take note: There’s no fine print here.  No “weasel clauses”.  No attorney language.

I guarantee your home to be free of live subterranean termites PERIOD!

Call my office at (813) 935-7554 and schedule your FREE 57-Point inspection with 1 of my highly trained technicians.  You’ll be glad you did!

You can also request a FREE inspection of your home by contacting us here. Yours for a Bug Free Home…..